When it comes to TEDx, we have to talk about TED first. Read the whole article patiently and you will understand the details of Ted.

Ted’s journey began before I was born, in 1984.

TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design . Well I’m doing so much TED TED, what’s the point? Simply put, it is a media organization that organizes conferences where many dignitaries come and speak. And they upload videos of them on their website, YouTube channel.

About 1984. Richard Saul Wurman, an architect and graphic designer who first came up with Ted’s idea. He noticed that a strange combination of technology, entertainment and design could be made. He organized a conference with Harry Marks in the same year

Richard Saul Wurman
Richard Saul Wurman

The first arrangement was with a compact disc. However, the first TED conference did not get much response. And financially too the conference was a failure. So it took 6 years to do the next event. The second event was held in 1990. This event, however, was a success. Initially, TED only hosted events based on technology, entertainment and design. TED continued to expand in the 90’s. Nowadays TED scientists, philosophers, politicians, singers, models, actors also come here. Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Gordon Brown, Larry Page, Stephen Hawking and even Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan were not left out; Everyone came to the TED event.

Previously TED was held only in the United States and Canada. As TED grew in popularity, so did TED Global, with Ted Global in mind. Then TED started organizing their conferences in other countries as well.

TED Talks :

The most famous came from Ted Talks. This is the audio video podcast series. There is a playlist of the best lectures selected from TED conferences around the world. Which is released online. By 2006. And if you want, you can inspire yourself by watching Ted Talks videos from any country at home. You can know the unknown, maybe even get answers to your various questions.

The first 6 videos of Ted are uploaded to the internet in the Ted Talks series! Unbelievable but true that in just two months, its views exceeded one million in September alone. By 2006, the Ted Talks series was the main reason for Ted’s popularity. Basically, Ted Talks has acted as a “global access” for famous philosophers, thinkers and leaders to come near them while sitting at home.


Well, Ted is basically from Canada, the United States. Now we want to see Ted Talks, Ish! If only I could go to an Ted Talks event. I used to sit face to face and listen to all the brave stories with a yes! How good it would be! But is it possible for us to go this far? So that was the beginning of Ted X.

Here x means x = Independently organized TED event.

TED does not directly monitor such events. Suppose you want to organize an event like Ted on your campus. So what to do, get a permission license from TED. Ted doesn’t have to pay for this. Then you can independently become the organizer of the Ted event. Ted X events are organized in different countries of the world. Even in neighboring India it is happening regularly. It is also in Pakistan. And more or less happening in Bangladesh. North South, BUET has organized once / twice.

Basically, this is a way to get Ted to the grassroots. Now the thing is, who is the guest speaker here that we organize locally? Famous and successful people from their respective areas come.


This is my own personal choice! Want to know something? We want to know why we are depressed. Why do you need a good night’s sleep? Want to know what excessive stress harms the body? Want tips on the ins and outs of writing? Or who are you to be very philosophical? How is your evolution?

Then close your eyes and go to the Ted Ed YouTube channel. You will know all the answers. Everything will be informed through animation in just 4/5 minutes or less! Not very interesting!

When you are sitting at home suffering from depression and why you are depressed, you don’t know the side effects, then I think it is an antidote.

Ted Ed started his journey in 2012. Yet almost every day a lot of funny, instructive videos are uploaded.

When I sit down and listen to the story of Muniba Mazari surviving a horrific accident and being paralyzed, but still listening to the story of a beautiful woman like Lizzie Valsage, or the story behind Shah Rukh Khan’s becoming Shah Rukh Khan and people’s deep love for him. When I hear or see someone of my age fighting for education, I don’t like my own disease anymore. When I get thousands of basic ideas from these 16-minute or less lectures, Vallagena’s disease is cured. Animation videos with philosophical theories like Ted Ed’s “Who am I” work like medicine.

Then I like everything.

Sometimes there is a need for motivation. There is also a need to spread the idea. At least we can get out of the vicious circle of Vallagena and start a new day by using new ideas ourselves!



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