The United States of America is the most suitable country for jobs, job opportunities, those who want to earn more money, and those who may face high competition.

USA job application All questions about hiring unskilled workers in the USA, staffing, job opportunities, and wages of workers according to job opportunities.

Especially the United States of America, which is the production place or idea center of many technologies used throughout the world, opens its doors to those who want to go as workers and citizens who will come to do business.

We will answer your questions such as what you need to do to start or start a business by applying for job offers in the United States, which has slightly more stringent requirements than European countries, what to do to find a job in the United States, what to do to start a business.

Go to the USA as a Worker

The United States of America, which has a high level of prosperity and developed democracy, has a multicultural structure as it is a state made up of immigrants. The society we call American citizens is actually a community of immigrant citizens from all over the world. We can say that this situation provides a great advantage for those who want to go abroad as migrant workers.

 Immigrant citizens often do not suffer as they are home to multiple religions, languages, ​​and races. worker to the united states you’re traveling personally or commercially, you need to figure out how to rise above the big competition rather than fit in.

Because America has very advantageous high wages not only for those who want to start a business but also for those who want to come as workers, you can have the opportunity to earn good money as a worker, even in unskilled jobs. Since most American citizens are as educated, equipped, and professional as in European countries, there is a shortage of workers in the so-called lower-class jobs.

If you specialize in a profession or in a field where there is a shortage of workers, you may choose the United States as your worker. We will talk about going to America with a Greencard lottery application in another article.

Starting a Business in the United States

You may want to move your business in Turkey to the United States or to implement your new business idea in the United States. There are some conditions for starting a business in the USA, as well as government incentives. If you meet the legal requirements, it is much easier to start a business in the United States than in any other country in the world.

Before starting a new job in the USA, taking steps by accurately measuring the production cost, labor cost and potential of the job will be very beneficial both in terms of incentives and in the subsequent processes. You can find all the detailed guides and information about starting a company and opening a business in the USA in the following article published on the US consulate website.

American Living Conditions

While the high wages of workers in America are impressive, you have to calculate basic living expenses. Let’s say that it is one of the countries with the cheapest basic food prices due to its high purchasing power in the first place. Apart from this, if we give general information about housing rental prices and car prices;

  • 2+1 House Rent in the City Center: 700-1000 dollars
  • Heat, water and electricity bill: $130
  • Residential Internet: $30
  • GSM Package – $35
  • Unlimited transportation pass: $70
  • Health insurance: $45
  • Vehicle taxes and insurance – $100-170
  • Monthly car rental: $650
  • Ford Mustang: 25.000 $
  • 1LT Petrol: $ 0.70

Basic food prices are generally affordable, but we do not list them as they represent a large price difference between many supermarkets in the United States. 

Find a Job in the USA

Let’s say you won’t have much trouble finding a job in the United States, as job opportunities are quite extensive. There are job opportunities from many big companies in areas such as waiter, cashier, courier, courier, transporter, you can start working right away. There are also many American job posting sites, some of which are;


Note: You must be fluent in English to order publications on the above sites.

If you do not have a foreign language, you can make sure that companies looking for workers hear your voice by writing a comment below.

Applying for a Job in the USA

If you’ve passed the job search in the US with a resume that briefly mentions yourself, your previous job life, your experiences, and why they should choose you, you’ll be one step ahead of the recruiter. 


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