When we buy a mobile phone, we usually don’t pay much attention to RAM and ROM and camera, but we don’t pay attention to the processor. Features of a good mobile processor are-

1. The smaller the size of the processor, the better the processor. Smaller size means it will consume less power, run faster, have less lagging issues. Mobile heating will be less. In my opinion, the current standard size of the processor should be 12 nanometers. There are currently 8 to 26 nanometer size processors in the market.

2. The longer the core of the processor, the greater its ability to work. Mobiles with octacore and quad core processors are more common in the market. You can compare the core with the hand. You can do as much work with both hands as you can with one hand. So you will see how many cores the processor has. At present octacore or eight core processors are considered as standard 7

3. Then you will see how many GHz the processor is. The higher the GHz or frequency, the faster the mobile, the higher the efficiency. You can get 1 to 2.2 GHz phones in the market. Some phones use a mixed GHz frequency. Currently 1.6 GHz can be considered as the standard.

4. Finally you will see the architectural cortex number. You will see ARM Cortex 53 / ARM Cortex 57 etc. in the processor description. Note that the higher the number of ARM Cortex, the more recent and good the processor architecture.

This screenshot specifies the processor used in my current phone. This is taken from MediaTek’s website. This processor is called Helio G90T. MediaTek Company achieved a milestone through this processor.

If you search on Google for the mobile phone you will buy, you will get all kinds of information from the processor, but try to get information from the official website.

Which companies make processors:

The best processor is made by the American company Qualcomm. The quality of their processors is as good as the price. The Snapdragon series they created is considered to be the best mobile processor.

Qualcomm is followed by Taiwan’s MediaTek. They make low-cost processors, the quality of which is certainly not as good as Qualcomm’s. I can use smartphones at low prices for MediaTek. But many people troll with their processor. However, at present, the processors of Helio series and Diamond City series have gained a reputation. These are very high quality processors.

Chinese tech giant Huawei makes a processor called Kirin which is quite good. They have prepared Kirin by purchasing some technology from Qualcomm and adding their own research.

Samsung, the largest smartphone maker, also uses its own Exynos processor. This processor has been criticized before but is now quite advanced.

A Chinese company called Unisak manufactures the least expensive processors. They make low-cost Octacore processors, but their size is 26 nanometers. You can run it as low as the price means good .

The processor that Apple uses called Bionic is basically Qualcomm’s processor.



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