I try to speak from my own side.

1st year: 1 year wasted while researching how to make income through mobile.

2nd year: fraud in the name of income, cheating, wasting time, wasting money, trying to steal money, brother, if you want to earn income, you have to register with 50/100 rupees, brother, if you invest 100 rupees, you will get a lot of money, if you sell copper, I will pay If you refer brother, you will get bonus, I earned 500 rupees by using the referral code in Ring ID, I earn thousands of rupees on one site.

3rd year: Get the road to real income. But it takes a lot of patience and creativity to learn. In fact it was designing. Designing various logos, banners, posters etc. By doing this I earn about 1000 rupees. In a real sense you can do a lot of beautiful designs through mobile. If you follow different groups or communities of design, you will easily learn. YouTube plays an effective role in this regard.

Via the YouTube channel Monetize:

This is the turn of designing, now let’s see how you can earn income through YouTube channel. I could not make any kind of income but yes you can make income by making videos. In this case, you need to have skills in making videos. You must be proficient in any one category. For example, if you review a watch, you will be able to apply for AdSense on your channel on behalf of YouTube when you have completed 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. If AdSense is approved, Google will pay you to show ads on your video. It’s hard to say how many thousands of views pay. It will depend on how many clicks or shows you have.

By writing content or blogging:

Let’s talk about content writing which is called blogging. If you have good writing skills then you can earn money again with mobile phone, in this case you have to have an idea about Blogger or WordPress. You need to have adequate knowledge about SEO, Theme, Website, domain / hosting, Content etc. Because how do you make money if your writing doesn’t reach people? Then here too Google pays as much as YouTube pays. When you have created a sufficient amount of blogposts, you will apply for AdSense. If your website is full and there is no error then AdSense will be approved. And your website will show banners or different types of ads.

By writing a magazine or news:

If you have no interest in this subject, you can earn income by writing articles for various magazines or news channels. Find out which newspapers in your city are looking for content writers. Suppose you write an article on Ittefa, it will be a staff reporter for you. In this way you can earn at least two to five thousand rupees per month by writing articles. One of my uncles earns Rs 2,000 per month. He is in class nine.

Through Pico Workers:

Then we come to how to make income through third party website or application. Let’s start with a real example here. A very close friend of mine has earned seven to eight thousand rupees by working hard for the last two months. And with that money he bought shirts, pants, boats. How did he earn so much money? Send him doing and he will check and send you dollars. You can exchange dollars for rocket or development money. Nowadays it has become very competitive. If you complete any work or task, you can get very little money. Many times you have to be a victim of spam or hacking.

Reviewing games or applications:

You can earn money by reviewing or referring to games or apps. When you review games or applications on your website, share them by uploading them to a download file box or similar website, then you will get a commission from there.

Website design and video editing:

You can earn millions of rupees by designing a website. However, it is one of the most complex issues in which you need to learn the programming language or HTML JavaScript CSS. You can learn it on mobile but you will have to go through a lot of trouble.

You can earn money by editing videos with mobile, but the fact that you can always make professional videos through mobile is not right. So maybe you can earn some money by doing normal video editing.

As a food panda or delivery boy:

If you have a motorcycle and you are 18+ then start delivering to Food Panda today. Many people are doing this job through mobile phone. Here you can take a good part time job with a fair income.

There are hundreds of other ways to earn money with mobile, but above all you have to have love, desire, desire, interest and a lot of patience on that subject. It is not a matter of you getting rich overnight or earning money. If you actually earn money, then you will assume that he worked hard and spent time. These selfless writings of mine will be useful if they come in handy and please upvote and share the answer with everyone.


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